When does your first Conversant billing cycle start?


The Conversant advantage

One of the peculiar aspects of buying cloud-based subscription services is how providers start charging for them.

With services like Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online, your billing starts immediately, as soon as you sign up – regardless of when you actually start using the service.

Similarly, with an on-premise PBX you pay upfront even though you may not get to start using the system for some time, possibly weeks, after the installation and setup.

At Conversant, we approach this differently. Our billing cycle only starts once a customer’s cloud phone system is ready to be used – not when they’ve signed up for an account online. As soon as everything is setup and ready to run, we send customers an activation email and send out their pre-configured handsets.

It is only then that their billing cycle begins, since at this point they can start to use our services – their account has been is setup, logins created and VoIP handsets configured and tested.

30-day money back guarantee

In addition, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if within that time a customer feels our system is not for them. This gives customers a chance to test Conversant’s cloud PBX system and get it running smoothly in their business, and decide if it works for them.

We can even provide customers with a temporary phone number so they can check call quality and ensure we’ve set up their call flows correctly, while keeping their old system in place to make sure everything is bedded down without interfering with their ability to make and receive calls.

Only once the customer is happy with our service, do we apply to port their numbers to us.

We do need to point out however that this doesn’t equate to a free trial period – if a customer decides to continue with us after the first 30 days, we do then charge for that month because we are paying ongoing charges such as number rental.

For the same reason a customer’s billing cycle starts once their hosted phone system is ready to use, not when they start using it.

The occasional customer has argued that their billing should only begin once they start using the system. But as explained above since their system is ready to be used at that point that is when our billing starts.

This is fairest and most consistent way we have devised to determine a start date for our billing cycle.