What does that blinking red light mean? We can help!


One of the benefits of being a Conversant customer is that we can recommend and support IP-ready phones we know will work smoothly with our cloud communications services.

What devices do we support?

The devices we support are from the most reputable and biggest IP telephony brands, including Cisco, Polycom and Yealink.

These are devices we have tested and know intimately. We can make recommendations on how to configure and use them, and can answer questions like how to forward calls or set up a voicemail, and, importantly, just what that blinking red light means.

However, this does not necessarily mean other devices won’t work with our service. Our system supports the SIP protocol, so any SIP-capable devices should technically work with our system.

There are dozens of other phones that our customers are using that we haven’t tested, and hundreds of phones that will theoretically work, but unless we have fully tested a device, we can’t say to what degree it will work and if it will support all the features of our service.

Therefore, we don’t support these devices beyond basic troubleshooting.

This is because we need to be selective in the devices we do support. It is not practical for any provider to learn each available device fully, as it takes a lot of time to become knowledgeable on a device to be able to support it properly.

After all, Conversant essentially sells a utility service, just like your power company.

Power companies don’t specify which toaster to use with their service and therefore would not be able to offer support if the appliance burns your toast. Their responsibility ends with powering the toaster, not how well it works.

However, if like us, they decide to make an exception for a certain appliance, then they would be able to tell you how to cook your toast just right and will help if it got burned.

Many other providers don’t offer any hardware support and would advise customers to refer to the manual to sort out any issues.

The fact that we do recommend and support a range of devices we know work with our system is one of the benefits of choosing Conversant as your cloud communications provider.