The top 3 benefits of moving your business phone system to the cloud


Still a bit cloud sceptical? Not convinced? Let Cameron Beattie, MD of Conversant, give it his best shot.

In today’s hyperconnected world, a business is only as strong as its communications framework. Companies who rely on antiquated infrastructure risk getting out-maneouvered by those who are ready to adopt versatile technology such as cloud-based business phone systems.

Despite this, there are still many decision makers who are hesitant to make the move to the cloud. If you’re still on the fence over whether you should upgrade, let me help you by focusing in on just the top three key benefits when moving your company’s communications to the cloud:

1. It’s cheaper

In order to stay competitive in an increasingly global economy, business leaders must trim the fat by minimising expenses wherever possible.

Migrating to a VoIP business phone system could play a key role in this objective. On average, organisations in Australia that adopt cloud computing services are able to slash their IT expenditure by around 12 per cent, according to figures collated by research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Reducing your company’s IT expenses could allow you to pass on the cost savings to your client and gain a stronger customer share in your industry. Alternatively, you could consider channeling the resources back into other areas of the business to support further growth.

2. It’s scalable

Where will your enterprise be in one year? Five years? Ten years?

It’s all but impossible to accurately predict how your company will expand, which makes it incredibly challenging to plan and invest in business infrastructure. Underestimate your future needs, and you risk harming your growth potential. Overestimate, and you could find yourself with a lot of unused assets and wasted capital that could have been better used elsewhere.

VoIP phone systems eliminate this issue. Thanks to their scalable nature, a cloud-based framework enable business leaders to easily adjust the size of their communications network according to demand and without investing in costly infrastructure every time the company expands.

3. It’s cohesive

Australasia has been fairly slow on the uptake when it comes to remote working policies with employees. However, as employers develop a better understanding of the benefits of telecommuting, it seems likely that we could see this change in the coming years.

In fact, Deloitte estimated that NBN-supported telework will create an additional 25,040 jobs in Australia by 2020/21 and contribute more than $3 billion to the country’s gross domestic product.

With teleworking on the rise, how do business keep in touch with their remote employees? Enter cloud-based communications systems. Such technology can be accessed by workers anywhere on the planet (provided they have an internet connection). This creates a worldwide cohesive communications network, enabling every member of your organisation to keep in touch with you, each other and their clients, regardless of where they may be physically located.

Cloud-based phone systems are revolutionising Australasia’s business landscape. Get in touch with the Conversant team today to find out how our communications solutions can help you boost efficiency and deliver a higher level of service.