Softphones - IOS PHONES


Zoiper for iPhone

Download Zoiper for iOs

Setting up Zoiper

  • Enter the Zoiper app
  • Press the config in the top right
  • Select Add account, and when asked if you have a username and password select Yes.
  • Select Manual configuration and then select the account type SIP,
  • Enter the following fields:
    • Account Name: a name of your choice
    • Host or Domain: the realm as advised by Conversant
    • Username:your username as advised by Conversant
    • Password: your password as advised by Conversant

Under the optional section:

  • Outbound proxy: your Conversant proxy as advised by Conversant
  • Click the save button

The account should report registering and then display as registered. To make a call go back to the dialer screen and select the phone number line to display the keypad.

Bria iPhone

This document describes how to configure the iPhone/iPad to work with the Conversant C-Lite hosted PABX service.

We recommend the use of Counterpath Bria with our service. This is available from the Apple store. Ensure that you download the Bria - VOIP SIP Phone with Video and Messaging, rather than the Bria - CCS enabled iPhone Edition.

Please refer to section 2.3 of the attached guide for details of how to configure the application.

To set up a dial plan which will allow you to make calls directly from the address book please do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Tap the account. Scroll down.
  • Tap Dial Plans and fill in the relevant fields described below.
  • In Match Number: +x.
  • In Remove Prefix: +
  • In Add Prefix: 00

Bria Presence

To set-up presence on Bria, you will need the below:

  • A registered Bria softphone
  • The presence ID of the user you wish to monitor - typically this would correspond to the extension number.

Once you have Bria registered, select the contact tile at the bottom of the software

  • Select the add contact tile

  • In order for presence to work, select Softphone and enter the presence ID as well as all other relevant information

  • Select Add and then OK

  • This will now show the contact in your contact list

  • When the contact is available they will display as below:

  • When the contact is being called, they will display as below:

  • When the contact is on the phone, they will display as below:


C-Phone is a Conversant developed softphone. To register this softphone, firstly please let Conversant know as some set-up is required. Once Conversant's side is done, please set-up a device and then follow instructions as below:

  • More options: ON
  • Default Account: ON
  • Username: username as advised by Conversant
  • Display name: Name of your choosing
  • User ID: username as advised by Conversant
  • Password: password as advised by Conversant
  • Domain: Domain/Realm advised by Conversant
  • Transport: TCP
  • Outbound proxy: OFF
  • Expires: 360