Siemens gigaset


The following are the recommended settings for use with Siemens Gigaset phones e.g. A580IP

  • Press the blue paging key on the base station. The handset will ring and an IP address will be displayed on the handset.
  • Launch a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) on your computer and enter http://ip_address (eg: into the address field of the web browser.
  • A connection is established to the base station’s web configurator.
  • Enter the system pin which is 0000 by default.

Setup lines on A580IP. Populate:

Settings > Telephony > Connections

Next to the line that your are setting up (usually 1), click Edit

Then click Show Advanced Settings

  • Authentication Name: The username as advised by Conversant
  • Authentication password: The password as advised by Conversant
  • Username: The username as advised by Conversant
  • Display name: Ext number
  • Domain: The domain or realm as advised by Conversant
  • Proxy server address: The proxy as advised by Conversant
  • Registrar server: The proxy as advised by Conversant
  • Registration refresh: 360
  • Use outbound proxy: Automatic (if using a realm)

Settings > Telephony > Dialling plans:

  • Choose New Zealand
  • Enter local prefix e.g. 9

Settings > Telephony > Network mailbox: For each line

  • Call number: *97
  • Active: Y

Settings > Telephony > Advanced settings

  • DTMF: RFC 2833 (A580) or Automatic (A510)

Settings > Miscellaneous

  • Choose country : New Zealand

Update firmware

To associate multiple handsets with a base station where each handset is an independent extension:

Settings > Telephony > Number Assignment

  • In the Call Manager section, set IP1 to Handset INT1, IP2 to Handset INT2, IP3 to Handset INT3 etc.
  • In the Handset section, set INT1 to use IP1 for outgoing and incoming calls, set INT2 to use IP2 for outgoing and incoming calls, and set INT3 to use IP3 for outgoing and incoming calls etc.