Seeing 2016 out with even more enhancements


2016 has been another busy year for Conversant, as we’ve continued to connect more businesses of all sizes across Australia and New Zealand to our system.

As more customers use our service, the more ideas we get on how to tweak our system to make it even better and easier to use. Often just a single suggestion can result in enhancements or new features which end up benefiting all of our users.

In our ongoing effort to fine-tune our service, we have recently made an array of improvements, including:


  • Users can now view the SIP traffic for their calls and devices without needing to contact Conversant. This is very useful for technical people, and wholesalers in particular, so they can self-diagnose issues. To access this, either click on a link in the call log for a specific call or click on a link against the device to view the traffic details
  • When creating a non-SIP device, the disable key press option is now disabled by default
  • A more useful error message is now shown when an invalid number is added through the number porting screen
  • When a new user signs up, the notification email is now sent to all admins on the parent account rather than a random admin
  • The invoice due date is now displayed on the Invoices and Payments screen.


The following known issues have been fixed:

  • In a Group, when a group was selected as the next action, the incorrect details were saved
  • When adding an Eavesdrop to a callflow, the authorised listener was not saved correctly
  • When a number is purchased, the product is now set up correctly in our billing system
    Fixes to our call centre wallboard:
  • When repeats were more than 1 in the ring group, the console reported "Enter unavailable" and didn’t report the call as abandoned if it was hung up before answering
  • When a call was transferred, then the call centre agent was still recorded as busy on hang up
  • When a call went to voicemail, then no statistics were updated.
  • All of these changes have been rolled out to all users, which of course is another plus of using a cloud phone service - all updates happen automatically, with no increase in fees.

If you have any suggestions for changes to our system, please share your ideas in our feedback forum.

And if you come across any immediate issues, do contact our free support desk - they’re there to help:

Call toll free on 0800 894 111
Email us