To move your Netcomm NF4V from an ADSL or VDSL connection to be set-up for a UFB connection, please follow instructions at the web address below:

  • Log into the router web interface, by entering into a web page URL bar.
  • Once logged in, select Advanced Setup > WAN Service > Add

  • Choose Eth4 from the drop-down and click Next

  • Select PPP over Ethernet and Enter Service Description/Name: pppoe_eth4.10

  • Also set 802.1Q VLAN ID to 10

Select next and then enter the fields as below:
* PPP Username: as advised by Conversant
* PPP Password: as advised by Conversant
* PPPoE Service Name: pppoe_eth4.10
* Authentication Method: AUTO
* MTU: 1492
Enable both IPV4 for this service and IGMP Multicast Proxy and then select next.

Once Next is selected, ensure set-up is as below:

And then as below:

If prompted select Apply/Save

This will then return you to the WAN Service Setup page. Ensure the connection created above is connected.