Local Network



Having an adequate network, and in particular the right router, are key to enjoying a great VOIP experience. Because your phones aren’t the only devices depending on your network, we can’t provide you with network support, however we have put together the following suggestions to assist your IT support person. We can also recommend a network specialist if you are having ongoing network or call quality issues.

##What are the broadband requirements?

Conversant recommends an ADSL2 or faster connection. Each call requires about 80kbps of bandwidth - plus any other traffic that might be on the network.

The faster the internet speed, the higher quality and better Conversant experience you will have.
##What else can affect my VoIP experience?

One of the major factors to improving your VoIP experience is the router being used. A good router can greatly change the quality and enjoyment of the Conversant service. The service can also be affected by any firewalls.

If you have any specific queries about your Local Network set-up please contact us, or have your IT people contact us.
##Network Troubleshooting

To help us diagnose any network issues that you may be experiencing, please do the following:

  • Download and install WinMTR from the WinMTR website.
  • Once installed put google.com in the host
  • Click Start
    Leave it running for a period of time (say 10 minutes). Then click Export TEXT and send the results to your IT support person.