Integrate your business apps with your phone system


Ever wanted to integrate your business applications better with your phone system?

Now you can with Conversant – thanks to webhooks.

What are webhooks?

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks, which “ask” your business apps for instructions on how to direct calls and messages. This allows you to tie your phone system in with other business systems.

One of the best examples of how to use webhooks is to integrate your CRM system with your Conversant phone system. This would enable a range of useful functions, such as:

  • Populating your CRM with customer call details and records
  • Having a customer’s details pop up on your screen when they call
  • Tracking outbound calls and capturing that information in your call monitoring system

Time to integrate

Webhooks also allow you to use phone calls to trigger actions from other systems in your business. Before, such triggers were limited to actions within the PBX, such as recording voicemail or activating an interactive voice response (IVR).

This allows you set up a phone number, which when it receives a call, triggers an alert or message to another system to take a prescribed action. That could be to playback a pre-recorded advisory message, hosted on the PBX, or to send an alert to a client manager that their customer is calling.

The possibilities of what can be achieved by integrating your phone system with other applications are very broad. Because webhooks are relatively simple to implement and represent just one line of code in almost all programming languages, we can write webhooks for our hosted PBX to interact in real-time with a wide range of systems.

So let us know what business systems you want to integrate with your phones and we will look to develop webhooks to enable that. Send us your suggestions on our feedback form:

Also keep a look out for a follow up blog on how to easily create a webhook!

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