How to Scan your Network for Vulnerabilities



These instructions describe how to scan your network for vulnerabilities.

The scan checks for vulnerabilities from outside of the network - so it needs to be run from a computer not connected to the network you are scanning.

  • Firstly, download and install Nmap security scanner here
  • Find the public IP address of the network you wish to scan, which can be done here.
  • Open Zenmap, the Nmap user interface
  • In the target section, enter the public IP found above

We would recommend that you run the scans as below:

  • Intense scan
  • Intense scan plus UDP
  • Intense scan, all TCP ports
  • Slow comprehensive scan

Once the scan is completed, look under the Ports/Hosts tab

All ports should appear red (closed). If they appear green (open) we would recommend closing these ports