How did we do in 2016?


Each year, we conduct a survey of our customers to make sure what we do is on the right track and meets the needs of our customers.

We have just analysed the responses from our 2016 customer survey conducted in November and are once again delighted with the overall results for several reasons:

  • Customers continue to value the hard work of our support desk
  • Our commitment to providing a high-quality and reliable service to our customers continues to deliver results
  • Focusing on increasing and enhancing the overall functionality of our service is clearly delivering benefits to our customers.
  • Below are some highlights from this year’s survey results.

Service and support

We have always prided ourselves in providing exceptional customer support and have invested heavily in being able to do so since our launch in 2004. Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation for providing the best support in the business.

This is reflected in this year’s survey results with 58% of respondents who had dealt with our support desk in the last 12 months rating the experience as excellent. A further 29% rated the experience as very good and 10% as good. That translates to a whopping 97% of respondents who think our support team is doing a pretty decent job!

When asked if there was anything our support desk could have done better, responses included comments such as:

“They are pretty friendly and helpful”
“Service and knowledge was perfect”
“Team has done a great job; good to work with”
“I have always experienced great service”
“The guy was fantastic”
We did also get a couple of cheeky suggestions which we can’t really expect of our support team - like pruning a customer’s flowers or sending them wine!

These results and comments demonstrate why we are so damn proud of support team!


Reliability is another major metric we measure ourselves against. This year, 34% of respondents rated the reliability of our PBX service as excellent, with another 45% rating it as very good. That means 79% of respondents are either extremely happy or very happy with the reliability of our service. We believe these results are a reflection of our ongoing investment in the continuous improvement of our services.

Call quality

The call quality our customers experience from our cloud PBX is also an important performance indicator for us. In this year’s survey, 44% of customers said call quality was excellent and 36% very good. That makes for an overall positive rating of 80% when it comes to call quality, which we are pretty pleased about, as it further validates the enhancement we’ve made to our system.

Admin console

We have invested heavily in improving a self-service admin console for our customers over the past year. Among the customers who completed our survey, 41% said they had used the admin console to make changes to their PBX. Of these, 21% rated the admin console excellent and 50% very good. As we continue to add more features to this tool, we expect to increase on these results in the next survey.


Our survey also showed how satisfied our customers are with the range of features available through our service. 30% rated our features as excellent, 46% as very good and 18% as good. This is another area where we have focused a lot of energy on, as we develop the Conversant service into more fully-featured cloud communications tool. For instance, over the past year we’ve added full contact centre functionality to the system, along with an array of other enchantments. And of course being a cloud-based service, any new features are automatically rolled-out to our customers, so they can get access to added functionality without paying extra.

We also asked customers what features they would like to see in our service in future. We received some fantastic suggestions, along with feedback on what’s not working too well. We will certainly work on addressing any issues raised and putting some of the great ideas into action.

Internet service

For those respondents who are also Conversant ISP customers, 39% rated the service excellent and a further 33% very good. However, just under 34% of respondents were aware that we offered a range of broadband services, including ADSL, VDSL and UFB plans. Our broadband service is called C-Net and it’s a business-grade broadband service that optimised for running a voice service. Find out more about C-Net here.

We’d like to thank of all our customers and partners who took time to complete the survey and look forward to building on these results in 2017.