Hero Phone



Hero allows you to manage your call logs and voicemails directly inside the app.

Getting Started

To access on mobile, tap the phone button on the top bar. You can then switch between call logs and voice mail by using the respective buttons on the bottom of the screen.
To access on desktop, you can use the sidebar icons titled Call Logs and Voicemail.

About Voicemail

To listen to a voicemail, simply tap the voicemail icon. A blue icon indicates a new voicemail while a grey button indicates that the voicemail has been listened to. You can also view any additional information about the voicemail by pressing the button.

About Call Logs

In the call logs screen, a call log icon is blue if it has been answered. If it was missed and went unanswered, the icon will appear grey. As in the voicemail screen, you can press the button to view any additional information about the call.