Get more data for up to 50% less with Conversant broadband


Getting your business broadband with Conversant is now an even better deal. We have just reduced the pricing on most of our broadband plans, while now offering unlimited data on all but our entry-level plans.

Reduced pricing

We launched our business-grade broadband service, C-Net, last year to enable our customers to make the most out of cloud communications. The new pricing for C-Net connections represent savings of up to 50% for our customers.

For example, we have replaced our previous 300GB, 600GB and 1000GB ADSL and VDSL plans with a new plan that offers unlimited data at just $89 a month. For customers on the old 1000GB VDSL plan, priced at $180 a month, this results in a saving of 50.5%.

Customers who used to pay $140 a month for our previous 600GB ADSL plan now also get unlimited data for $89 a month – a saving of 36.4%.

For customers with Ultrafast Broadband fibre connections, we now offer a UFB 100/100 plan at $129 a month with unlimited data and boasting both download and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This represents a saving of close to 44% as it replaces our former UFB 100/50 plan which cost $230 for 1000GB.

Reducing the cost of our broadband plans and offering unlimited data on more of our plans are all part of our goal to make communicating easier and more affordable for New Zealand businesses of all sizes.

By offering unlimited data for less, more of our customers can now enjoy the liberating effect of not having to worry about data caps. This enables them to use their internet connection freely for all their voice, digital and video communications without being restrained by their monthly data allowance.

In particular, it also takes away concerns about using more data-intensive communications tools such as high-definition video conferencing, which is fast becoming an essential form of communicating for organisations with multiple branches across New Zealand or even the world.

Big service, small price

All our existing C-Net customers will automatically get the new pricing and data allowances, which once again show why it does not make sense to commit to long-term contracts for ICT products and services.

Because technology advances so rapidly, prices generally reduce constantly. Since none of our customers are on fixed contracts, we can pass the saving onto them immediately – they don’t have to wait until their contracts are renewed to enjoy the benefits of our lower prices.

The latest prices changes come after we dropped our calling costs by up to 37% last year – meanwhile, businesses currently in a two-year “deal” with other providers are still paying 2013 prices.

Making it easier and less expensive for our customers to connect and communicate with their customers, employees and suppliers helps removes yet another constraint on running an effective business.