From crime fighter to tech issue buster… Meet Conversant’s Tim Cudd


Conversant customers can be glad Tim Cudd made an early career change to follow his passion. Initially enrolled to study criminology, Tim decided he’d rather be solving more extraordinary problems – tech issues!

Today, Tim is our Service Delivery Manager. Find out more about him in the Q&A below:

Where did you work before Conversant?

I spent five years in Perth working for Australia's largest telco, Telstra, in various tech support roles from ADSL to NBN and Telstra’s DOT (Digital Office Technology) VoIP offering. Before that, I worked in Sydney doing onsite tech repairs and support from computers, servers, phones, printers, routers and much more.

What does your role involve?

In my current role I look after onsite tech support and installation, as well as customer management and support, and even sales!

Where did you study and what qualification do you have?

I started at Victoria University in Wellington studying criminology before realising a passion for technology and moving to Computer Power (now known as Weltech) to study a two-year Diploma in Systems Technology.

What excites you most about your work?

I like problem solving being able to fix things that are out of the ordinary. And learning new things about technology.

What do you like about working at Conversant?

Coming from a big corporation type company hinders your ability to effect change.

Being part of a smaller team, the communication is a lot better and strategies and improvements are much easier to implement.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I love watching movies, TV shows and YouTube, as well as home automation and learning new technologies. I also enjoy travelling, dining out, spending time with family, football and rugby.