Enhanced features added to Conversant hosted PBX


At Conversant, we strive to constantly improve the features and capabilities of our cloud communications products.

We recently introduced the following features to our hosted PBX offering, C-Lite 2.0:

Listen & whisper

This feature is primarily aimed at helping organisations train their frontline staff, like customer service representatives, who interact with customers on the phone. It allows managers or trainers to listen in on trainees’ calls and to discreetly talk to them without the person on the other side of the line knowing. This can be used for monitoring, to coach trainees through calls or to provide them with answers to customers’ questions on the spot.

Caller ID based routing
This function is used to automatically manage how certain calls are handled, based on the identity of the caller. The system identifies the caller ID information on the incoming call and directs it to a pre-programmed location. For example it can be used to route calls from a certain region to the nearest branch office, while calls from mobiles go elsewhere. You can also create a list of your priority customers and create rules for how their calls are handled.

Click to call

This allows you to click on a number in your web browser or spreadsheet and have the phone system call that number automatically allowing vastly improved productivity by integrating with CRM systems, email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, and other third party applications.

Click to dial

This feature helps you to be more approachable. It allows a customer to enter their phone number on your website and have the phone system call that person and then connect them directly to your customer services or support team.

As with all of our product enhancements, these updates have been automatically rolled out to our customers.

If you want to make use of these functions, just get in touch and we can help set them up for you.

Queue beta testers needed… We are looking for customers who are interested in beta testing automated call distribution (ACD) or queues on our C-Lite 2.0 system. This function was available on our previous platform and we would love to get some feedback before we roll it out to the current system. If you’d like to take part let us know – email support@conversanthq.com.

Share your ideas for new features

One of the benefits of being a Conversant customer or partner is that you can help influence the future development of our cloud communications tools.

We develop our own systems, so we can act on feedback gathered directly from users to continuously improve our services based on what they need.

Let us know how we can improve our products and services on our user forum: https://conversant.uservoice.com/forums/117387-general

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