Distinctive Ring



Distinctive Ring allows the user to specify a different ring tone depending on how a call is routed. The following uses are supported:

  • Ring the phone with one ring tone for internal calls and another ring tone for calls from an external number.
  • Ring the phone with one ring tone for sales calls and another ring tone for support calls.

Instructions for setting distinctive ring for specific devices are as below:

  • Log into your C-Lite 2.0 account
  • Select the device you wish to configure with distinctive ring
  • Once the device has loaded, select the advanced option
  • Then select options

Under the options section, you can enter the ringtone you wish to use for the device if a Cisco (options at bottom of page) or for a Yealink phone the set-up should be as below:

To change the Yealink ringtone, this needs to be done via the web interface of each phone by following instructions at the bottom of the page.

When this device is then selected through a callflow it will ring using the specified ringtone. By creating multiple devices, specifying different distinctive rings for each device and then linking each device to different lines on your hardware phone, you are able to have different rings depending on the callflow that the call enters.

The distinctive ring feature is supported by both Yealink and Cisco devices and the ringtone names vary according to the device type:


To set the distinctive ringtones for a Yealink phone, the options in the C-Lite device need to be as above. To then select the actual ringtone, follow instructions as below:

  1. Log into the web interface of the Yealink device and then select Settings > Ring
  2. If provisioned via the Conversant provisioning server, the interface will appear as below:

  3. To change the ringtone, select the desired tone from the dropdown below internal or extenal.

  4. In order for this to work, the phone must be provisioned using the Conversant provisioning server


  • Classic-1 to Classic-4
  • Office
  • Simple-1 to Simple-5
  • Pulse

How-to-Use-Distinctive-Ringtone-on-Yealink-SIP-T2XP-Phones.pdf (160.1 KB)