Cut ties with your desk with the right cordless phone


In today’s modern workspace, people increasingly demand and expect more flexibility and mobility.

Even if most people in your business are deskbound, other staff members may need more mobility around the office or warehouse. There is no need for them to be tied to their desks because of their phones.

Advantages of a cordless phone

Cordless phones allow us to cut the cord with our workstations and roam around the office, without missing any calls.

What are the best options then when it comes to portable handsets for your cloud phone system?

The most common choices are wi-fi phones, an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) with analogue portable handsets or VoIP-enabled DECT cordless phones.

While all of these solutions have their benefits, in our experience DECT phones deliver the best overall performance for cordless calling, particularly in terms of call quality.

Our recommendations

Because Wi-Fi phones use your wireless network to connect to a router to access VoIP services, voice quality can be an issue. This is because a wi-fi network is not designed to handle voice traffic and packet loss, where fragments of data are lost during transmission, can be an issue. This can result in calls dropping altogether or a jittery experience.

An ATA does offer the benefit of being able to use your existing analogue handsets for VoIP calls. However, we strongly recommend investing in dedicated VoIP-based handsets as these are designed to work with a VOIP phone system and enable you to take full advantage of the features your cloud PBX offers without the drawbacks inherent in any work-around solution.

To get the best experience from cordless phones, we therefore recommend DECT VoIP phones. DECT, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, is a format specifically designed for voice signals and does not suffer from issues like packet loss.

However, we also recommend cordless phones only be used where mobility is a necessity, since cabled desktop VoIP phones are still the gold standard in terms of usability and call quality.

We recently added the Yealink W52P products to our range of cordless phones. While slightly more expensive than the Siemens Gigaset we recommended previously, the Yealink products are easier to use particularly when accessing PBX functions such as transferring, holding and forwarding calls. Like the Siemens models, each Yealink W52P base station can run multiple handsets and concurrent calls.

For a full list of cordless phones we support, please click here.