Conversant service improvements


We've rolled out a number of improvements to our service which addresses feedback we've had from our wonderful customers. You don't need to anything - the changes have already been implemented.

Some of the main changes are:

  • A completely redesigned user interface that's more user-friendly, has more features and works better on mobile and tablet devices
  • Integration of all features into a single web site so you don't have to swap between interfaces
  • A completely new invoice design which should be a lot more intelligible, as well as being better looking
  • Consolidation of multiple user subscriptions into a single subscription and the introduction of account plans which are like a bundle of licences. This will make invoices clearer and allow us to create new service bundles in the future
  • The ability to buy numbers and set them up without having to wait for us.

We're really excited about these changes which are the result of two years effort. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible - to allow you to do everything yourself if you want but to back it up with our fantastic support.