Conversant - now with full call centre capabilities


Having a call centre is no longer the preserve of large organisations who can afford to employ large teams of people located in a large space answering a large volume of calls.

Thanks to the wonders of cloud communications, business of all sizes can now run a call centre - with minimal infrastructure, but similar capabilities of large, expensive systems.

To enable our customers to get all the benefits of a call centre, we have progressively added call centre features to our cloud phone system, and it now boasts a full set of call centre capabilities.

Our system includes all main features you’d expect from call centre - but at a very affordable rate.

In fact, all of the call centre features in our system have been automatically added to our cloud phone service and are now included in our standard monthly subscription fee. That means customers can run a fully-featured call centre for only $15 per user per month.

The low-cost and flexibility of a cloud-based system such as ours enables businesses of any size to now have call centre, allowing them to deliver a better customer service experience.

Instead of incoming calls going to voicemail or, worse, going unanswered, they can now be distributed to the right place to be answered - even if a business only has a few people handling calls.

Using a virtual wallboard, customers can see in real-time how many calls are in their queue and what the average wait time is, and manage how many agents are available to take calls.

With the Conversant system, supervisors can listen in on calls for training purposes and “whisper” to the agent over the line without being heard by the customer on the call.

And because the system is cloud-based your agents can be located anywhere, so it’s easy to set-up and manage a distributed call centre.

The system also able to manage some outbound call functionality, particularly as it integrates with CRM and contact database systems, like Salesforce, Google and Office 365. A user can look up a contact in the CRM system or contact list, click on a button and call that person through the Conversant system.

Key Conversant call centre features

Here are some of the key call centre features now included in the Conversant cloud phone service:

  • Virtual wallboard: Provides a real-time view of call centre activity allowing live queue statistics to be monitored from anywhere

  • Call reporting: Enables reporting on incoming or outgoing calls and information such as number of calls, call distribution, call length and wait times

  • Multiple queues: Queue and manage calls based on various criteria

  • Call routing: Manage how calls are distributed in the call centre to ensure callers reach their destination

  • Customisable on hold audio: play messages or music to callers whilst they are on hold

  • Call recording: Record all calls coming into the centre to monitor agent performance

Much of Conversant’s call centre features have been developed based on feedback from our customers, and we will continue to expand the functionality of our system.

In particular, we plan to roll-out more sophisticated reporting, skills-based call routing, and better integration with third party CRM systems to support more outbound capabilities.

Get started today

Since call centre features are now included in our system, customers can start using them immediately. However, if you do require assistance to get started, contact our support team: or call 0800 894 111.

How it works

To see how call reporting and the wallboard work, watch the videos below:

Call reporting: