Conversant expands to Australia


We've expanded!

After providing the best-supported cloud communications platform to hundreds of businesses in New Zealand and Australia for over 10 years, we’re pleased to announce that we now have a direct presence in Australia

We’ve set up headquarters in Melbourne and offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

Having people on the ground in Australia means we can now offer local support to our existing customers in the country and expand our Australian client and partner base.

We can provide our Australian customers with local infrastructure, industry-leading support and seamless integration with their New Zealand branches.

Knowing that we have a local presence and are able to provide direct support is important to our customers in Australia.

Our service delivery promise

Opening offices in Australia follows Conversant setting up its own equipment in the country last year, enabling us to deliver the same level of service in Australia as a local PABX provider.

With Conversant, trans-Tasman businesses can run a single cloud-hosted phone system for both their New Zealand and Australian operations, which means our customers can use the same phone system on both sides of the Tasman.

This makes it simpler for them to provide technical support and training to their users and allows easy hot-desking between both countries.

Having equipment on the ground in both Australian and New Zealand delivers unique benefits for our customers over most other New Zealand providers, such as:

  • No prefix for local Australian calls
  • Calls made within Australia, to Australian numbers or extensions, remain in Australia. They don’t transit through New Zealand.
  • A local 1300 support line for Australia
  • Calls to local Australian or New Zealand numbers can also be routed across the Tasman in the event of an internet outage or natural disaster, or if lines at either operation are busy or overloaded.

A single cloud PABX also allows our customers to take advantage of the time difference between Australia and New Zealand to extend their operating hours. They can route early morning calls in Australia to their New Zealand office, while evening calls to their New Zealand number can be routed to Australia. This enables businesses to provide sales and support to their customers on both sides of the Tasman for more hours of the day.