Conversant drops international calling rates


Calling major countries will be even less expensive with Conversant from 1 August 2016.

The cost to call the most common destinations, including Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore the UK and the US, will reduce from 5c a minute to 4c including GST.

This means with Conversant, you can call most major countries for just 4c a minute, which is significantly less than with traditional providers. For example, Spark’s standard rates for calls to Australia are 29c a minute, 33c to the UK and US, and 45c to China. Vodafone New Zealand’s standard rates are 21c for the UK and US and 26c for China and Australia.

Plus, we only charge by the second for calls over a minute long, so you save even more.

Rates to Australian landlines remain unchanged at 3c a minute and 13c a minute to mobile (including GST) . Call costs to most other international destinations will also reduce. However, in a few instances, most notably to Pacific Islands, like Cook Islands, Fiji, Western Samoa and Tonga, rates have increased.

For a full list of our international calling rates visit: