Conversant API puts call data at Roonsoft customers’ fingertips


Conversant API puts call data at Roonsoft customers’ fingertips

Hospitality businesses can now enjoy easier billing for guests’ phone calls thanks to integration between Conversant’s cloud phone system and Roonsoft property management software.

What is Roonsoft?

Roonsoft is used by over 300 hotels, motels and resorts across New Zealand and the Pacific to manage all operations of their business.

Using Conversant’s recently-developed Administration API, Roonsoft can now enable call records and cost data from Conversant's cloud PABX system to be fed automatically into customers’ property management system.

The Benefits

What’s exciting about this integration are the benefits it offers to mutual Conversant and Roonsoft customers such as giving them more flexibility and making it easier to manage and bill for guest calling.

It means hotel and motel operators who use both Conversant and Roonsoft’s software can better manage how and what they charge for guests’ calling.

And they can now immediate see the cost of calls made by their guests, with that information added to the guest’s bill automatically.

The integration also removes the need for hospitality property operators to develop their own rate structure for guest calling, and enables them to add margins to call costs with ease.

As Robert Petty, managing director of Roonsoft Group, explains: “Property owners using a traditional phone system have to use an elaborate process to develop their own cost structure for calls. With Conversant, that is already built in and our customers can just add their margin to the call rates.”

We believe the integration with Roonsoft gives motel and hotel operators yet another reason to choose our cloud phone systemover a traditional on-premise or self-hosted VoIP system.

Getting call information into their billing system from an on-premise, hardware-based phone system requires a complicated set of connections between the two systems, leading to a variety of ways things could go wrong.

There are so many things that can go wrong in between those points making it hard to diagnose any issues.

With our API linked to the Roonsoft system, this all happens virtually and automatically. No technicians are needed and there’s no need to link a PABX via serial or TCP/IP connections.

We developed our API to make it easier for our cloud phone system to integrate with other business systems.

This is because integration between different business systems is becoming increasingly important for our customers. The phone system is a central part of their business – and needs to integrate smoothly with their other business processes and systems.