Click to Dial From Firefox



It is possible to automatically dial a phone number from within Firefox. This click-to-dial functionality is easy to set up and is available to all customers.


  1. From within Mozilla Firefox, download Telify.
  2. At the Software Installation window click Install Now.
  3. Restart Firefox.


  1. Open the Firefox Add-ons Manager (Firefox Menu > Add ons).
  2. In the "Extensions" tab, select Telify and click the "Preferences" or "Options" button. Update the following settings:
    1. Used Protocol: "Custom URL"
    2. Replace '+' with: 00
    3. In the Custom URL field enter the URL in the following format:$1/clicktocall/$2/connect/?contact=$0
    4. Parameter 1: the accountid
    5. Parameter 2: theclicktocall_id.
    6. Note: Refer to the C-Lite 2.0 click to call API documentation for what the ids are and details of how to create the click to call.

Click to Dial and Click to Call