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Click to call is the ability to click on a number and have the phone system call that number automatically without having to dial it. This is useful for making outbound calls.

Click to dial or request a call is the ability to have someone enter a phone number, typically on a website, have the phone system call that person and then connect them to a customer services, support or other representative of the business. This is therefore useful for receiving incoming calls from potential customers.

Click to dial and click to call are both easy to do with C-Lite.

Click to call (outbound calling)

Using a browser

To call a number you simply need paste a URL in the following format into your web browser. When the URL is clicked, your phone will ring. Answer the phone and then the other party will be called.:

Note: Replace %NUM% with the phone number you wish to call. Replace %ACCOUNTID% and %CLICK2CALLID% with the relevant IDs. Refer to the C-Lite 2.0 click to call API documentation for details of how to create the click to call.

Using a spreadsheet

Another way to do this is to use a spreadsheet loaded with the numbers to call. For Excel, refer to the downloads section below for an example spreadsheet. Alternatively use the sample Google Sheet. To use it:

  1. On the "Setup" tab in cell B2 enter the relevant details. Use the codes as described in the C-Lite 2.0 click to call API documentation.
  2. On the "Numbers to call" tab enter the phone numbers you wish to call in Column A.
  3. Now click on each number to call it.

It is also possible to use the same feature to click to call directly from Outlook, Thunderbird and Firefox.

Click to dial (inbound calling)

Contact Conversant for details of how to set this up.

Technical information

This process communicates with us using standard HTTP on port 80 or 443. Data transferred is encrypted when using https.

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