9. Media



Media is any sound file that can be played back to callers when they are navigating through a callflow. Media can be uploaded as a file from your computer or recorded and uploaded directly from the phone. All this can be managed in the Media section of C-Lite 2.0.

Uploading Media

  • To upload media, select Apps > Callflows > Play Media

  • Select add media in top left

  • Select the kind of media, name it and upload a file

  • Advanced options are available by clicking Advanced

List of Media

A list of media which has already been uploaded can be found on the left hand side, underneath the add media button.

Supported Media

C-Lite 2.0 supports MP3, wav and OGG files.

We would recommend a WAV. with a sample rate of 1600khz, mono channel, and less than 5 megabytes.

Recording via Phone

To record media via your Conversant phone, simply dial into your Conversant number. You can then enter the PIN number assigned to recording and record your message.

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