9. Call Statistics



Here you can view all data and statistics of call records for all users on your account

Using Call Statistics

Navigate to Apps > Smart PBX > Call Statistics

Choose the time slice you would like to view your statistics within, either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Then choose the start and end date in which you would like visualise your statistics within.

Fill in the desired user and direction of call.

The line dropdown box shows different ways of displaying your call data.

Click the Show Advanced Options to filter call statistics further with sorting by country, timezone and business hours.

Click the Save Options button to save your search preferences for later.

You can also save your call statistics data by clicking the Download CSV button. This allows you to view your stats in Microsoft Excel

Click Search and the system will query your filters.

It will now display graphs of call volumes, average call lengths and average wait times.

With these you are able to download the graphs as images to view them on your computer.