8. Menus (IVRS)



A menu (also called an IVR) creates a digital receptionist to answer calls for you and let's the caller select who they need to speak to. This sends a caller to the correct department faster.

Creating a Menu

The first step is to create a callflow. Once this is done follow instructions below:

  • Drag the menu tile across to your callflow

  • Once dragged across a pop up will appear. Select Add a new menu

  • Enter the menu's name.

  • Enter the PIN which should be entered if you wish to record a new greeting via the phone.

  • If you want callers to dial extensions directly, ensure this option is ticked.

  • Add the greeting if this is already recorded or uploaded via media

  • Click on the advanced tab

  • Select the options for your menu as below

    • Number of retries: How many times a caller can dial an incorrect number before getting rejected.
    • Timeout for dialing: How long to wait for a caller to select an option before rejection/default action
    • Extension number length: The maximum length of option a caller can dial
    • Allow Outside Recording: Ticking this will allow callers from outside of the Conversant system to record a new greeting if they enter the correct PIN number
    • Suppress Invalid Entry: Ticking this will stop callers hearing they entered an invalid option if they enter an unconfigured option.
  • Click Save

  • You can now drag other tiles (users, devices, groups, voicemail etc.) into your menu to configure each option the caller will select

  • The Menu option refers to which option the caller should select to enter this option.

  • Then select which of the multiple actions it should point to
  • A simple menu with four options is shown below:

Recording Menu Greeting

To record a menu greeting, simply dial into the callflow which the menu is a part of. When you reach the menu enter the PIN number as configured above and follow the instructions for recording.

Once a message is recorded, it will automatically become the menu greeting and appear in the Media section of C-Lite 2.0.

Editing a Menu

To edit a menu, enter the callflow which contains the menu and click on the menu you wish to edit. Then select edit menu.

Using a Default Action

A default action refers to when a caller enters an invalid entry or is instructed to hold for an option (i.e. "please hold for general inquiries").

To configure the please hold option please find instructions below:

  • Under the advanced > options in the menu setup you need to configure 3 options below:
    • Number of retries on misdial: Set this to 1
    • Timeout for dialing: This refers to how long a caller will hold before entering the default action option
    • Suppress Invalid Entry: This will stop a caller hearing they have entered an invalid option
  • Save all options