8. Listen & Whisper



This feature is primarily aimed at helping organisations train their frontline staff, like customer service representatives, who interact with customers on the phone. It allows managers or trainers to listen in on trainees’ calls and to discreetly talk to them without the person on the other side of the line knowing. This can be used for monitoring, to coach trainees through calls or to provide them with answers to customers’ questions on the spot.

To set-up listen and whisper:

  • Create a new callflow using the number you wish to dial to be able to listen in as the callflow number.
  • Once the callflow is created, drag the Eavesdrop tile across from the configuration tiles on the right hand side.

  • This will then bring up the screen as below:

  • Fill in both boxes, enter the user/device you want to listen to and the user/device that should be authorised to listen.

To use Listen & Whisper

Once this has been set-up, dial the callflow as set-up above, to access the listen and whisper for each user requested. Once the listen feature is accessed, the below codes can be used during the call:

  • 2 to speak with the internal caller
  • 1 to speak with the other caller
  • 3 to engage a three way call
  • 0 to restore to listen only