7. Voicemail - Add, Configure, Advanced Options



##Adding a Voicemail
###To add a new voicemail:

  • Select Apps > Smart PBX > Voicemail Boxes

  • Select Add Voicemail

##Configuring Voicemail
To configure voicemail, first navigate to Callflows > Voicemail

  • From the left hand side, select the voicemail you wish to change

  • Edit voicemail fields to suit your needs

  • Name: The identifier for your voicemail box. The voicemail box will appear under this name in the voicemail list.

  • Voicemail Number: The numberof your voicemail box. This is the number you will enter when dialling *97 to enter the box.

  • Assign To: The owner of the voicemail box

  • PIN number: The password you will need to enter to gain access to your voicemail box

  • Unavailable Message: The message that will play when callers enter this voicemail box.

##Advanced Options

Click Advanced in the top left corner. A tab called Options will now appear, click on this to reveal advanced options

  • Timezone: The timezone the system will use to tell you what time and date each message was left.

  • Already Setup: If unticked, when the user dials *97 for the first time, they will be forced to change the PIN and record an unavailable message.

  • Require PIN: Check if the user should enter a PIN when entering the voicemail box.

  • Auto-login enabled: If checked, when a user calls their own voicemail it will go straight to their messages.

  • Skip Greeting: Check this for the caller to bypass the unavailable message

  • Skip Instructions: Check this for the caller to bypass instructions on how to leave the message.

  • Delete After Notification: Delete the voicemail from the system after it has been emailed through

  • Click “Save” when finished

##To record your voicemail greeting

  • To record a message directly on the phone, dial *97 and enter the mailbox number and mailbox PIN. The first time you do this, you will be taken through the steps of configuring the mailbox. If the mailbox has been set up previously then press option 5. You will be prompted to record your greeting message.
  • To record a temporary greeting, this is a hidden option within the voicemail box. To record this message, once logged into your voicemail box press 5 (change settings) and then option 4 will let you record a temporary greetings. When you need to remove the temporary greeting, log back in to change your settings and press option 5, which will then end the call.
  • To use the interface to record a new message, firstly upload a recording file from your computer. Then go to Smart PBX > Voicemail boxes > Edit > Greeting Media and choose the file you just uploaded. Then save your changes.

##Checking Voicemail from your phone

  • Dial *97
  • You will be connected to the C-Lite 2.0 voicemail system
  • Follow instructions to check voicemail

The C-Lite 2.0 system allows for multiple voicemail boxes which can be connected to one user or groups of users. Calls can also be sent directly to voicemail boxes if needed.