6. Hot Desking



Hot desking allows a user to virtually move their user account to another phone at any time by logging in and logging out. Hot desking is very useful for large businesses where there are more employees than desks.

There are three hot-desking feature codes available.

Enable Hot Desking

  • You can enable hot desking by dialling the hot desking enable feature code from the phone. By default this is *11. When *11 is dialled, the user will be prompted for their user ID and optionally, a PIN.
  • When the user has logged in, the phone will act as if it were their personal phone.

Disable Hot Desking

To disable hot desking, the default code is *12. Once the user enters their user ID and PIN, the phone will no longer function as if connected to that user.

Toggle Hot Desking

Toggle hot desking allows the user to toggle the current state of devices. The default codes for this is *13. If logged out, toggling logs the user into all owned devices. If logged in, toggling logs the user out of all devices.

Configuring Hot Desking

  • Firstly, ensure hot desking is enabled via the feature codes section. Once that is confirmed, you will need to assign a unqiue hot desking ID to each user.

  • Select Apps > Smart PBX > Users

  • Select the user features tab underneath the desired user.

  • Click on the Hot Desking tab

This box will then pop up. Click on the switch to enable hot-desking for his user.

  • To enable hot desking for the user, select the "Enable" switch. Enter a hotdesk ID. Usually it makes sense to enter the user's extension number as the ID.

  • To require a PIN to log in to a particular extension, select "Require PIN" and enter a PIN. This prevents user's logging into another person's extension unless the PIN is known.