5. Setting Time of Day



The Time of Day feature allows the system to send callers to different destinations, depending on a set of rules set-up via Time of Day.

Setting up Time of Day

  • The first step is to create a callflow. Once this is done follow instructions below:

  • Drag the Time of Day tile across to your callflow

  • Select the timezone to be used

  • This will then display the time of day under your callflow

  • Now drag across the action tile you want to use

  • This will then allow you to configure the time rules for that action tile to be called

  • Select Add a time of day

Configure the Time of Day

  • Name: A name to distinguish between different Time of Day rules
  • Repeats: How often this rule should repeat itself
  • Every: The frequency with which the rule should repeat
  • On: The days on which the rule should be in place
  • Start Date: If start date is blank, it will begin straight away
  • Time: The time range that the rule should be in effect
  • Enabled: When the time of day should be used as below
  • Based on time - This time of day will be followed based off the time configuration
  • Forced on - Calls will always go to this Time of Day
  • Forced off - Calls will never go to this Time of Day

The Time of Day example above is for a business open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm each week.

  • You can then change chain the Time of Day options together for multiple different rules depending on what hours you are open

    One important thing to remember is that the Time of Day steps through each rule from left to right.

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