5. Group Pick-up



Group Pick-up allows you to answer calls which are ringing at another phone. This can be useful if someone is away from their desk or busy and a call needs to be answered.

Configure Group Pick-up

  • To configure group pick-up, the first thing to do is create a group. To do this, select Apps > Smart PBX > Groups > Add Group

  • Add the users or devices that you want to be able to pick calls up from, by dragging the users across between the two boxes and click "Create Group"

  • Now go back to callflows via Apps > Callflows and select Add Callflow

  • Enter the number you wish to type to be able to pick-up calls. In this example *8 is used.

  • A box will pop up that looks like this, select the group pick-up as the endpoint.

  • Select the group created as above and save.