4. Callflow Ring Groups



Ring groups allow you to call multiple users, devices and groups as part of a callflow. The members of the group can be rung all at once or in order.

  • To add a ring group, simply drag the ring group tile across and drop it into the desired callflow.
  • This will then pop up with the ring group creation screen as below:

  • You can then select which users, device or groups should be in the ring group by dragging the option from the left hand box, into the main ring group box.

  • The ring group below will call three users and two devices, with the device starting to ring 10 seconds into the call.

The options for configuring a ring group are as below:

  • Name
  • Ring strategy - whether the ring group members should be rung at the same time, or in order
  • Ringback - add a media file which will play instead of the caller hearing ringing. Note that if the media stops playing the call will move to its next destination straight away, regardless of ringtime set.
  • Delay - a time in seconds to delay ringing the ring group member
  • Timeout - the total time the ring group member will be called, including any delay i.e. if delay is 10 seconds and timeout is 20 seconds, this will call that user for 20 seconds.