3. Dial-by-Name Directory



C-Lite 2.0 includes a dial-by-name feature, which allows callers to dial a user by name. This means they do not need to know the extension of the person they are trying to reach and can also try and get through to them after hours.

Configure Dial-by-Name

The typical way for someone to enter a dial-by-name directory is via a menu. For this example, we will assume that a menu or IVR already exists. To start the set-up:

  • Navigate to Apps > Callflows > Callflows and then select the callflow that contains your IVR.

  • Once in the desired callflow, select advanced and then locate the directory option at the bottom right under this menu

  • Drag the directory box into the existing menu for this callflow

  • In the default action drop down menu, select the number that callers should press to access the Dial-by-Name Directory

  • Select and then edit directory options

To edit the directory navigate to Apps > Callflows > Directory

  • Add users to the directory, selecting the user and callflow that should be used if this user is dialled. It is important to select a callflow so the system calls the correct callflow for the user.

  • Save the directory and then save the callflow

Advanced Directory Options

To configure the advanced options, select the advanced tab from within the Edit Directory section.

  • The minimum number of digits a caller must select before being connected

  • The maximum number of digits a caller can put in

  • Have the user confirm that the person they have dialled via the directory is correct, or connect automatically

  • Sort the entries by last name or first name.