18. Number Porting


Requesting a Number Port

To request a number port for a C-Lite 2.0 account, this can be done through the web interface as below:

  • Log into your account
  • Once logged in, hover over "Apps" and select "Number Manager"

  • Under "Spare Numbers" click on "port"

  • Click "Start new transfer port"

  • Select the desired carrier, port type and the desired port date, then fill in the billing name and account ID.

  • Then click "Next".

  • Fill in your current number AND CLICK ADD, tick the box whether you would like to receive an email notification when it is ready, as well as your name.

IMPORTANT STEP - Ensure you READ and UNDERSTAND each of the individual points below. Once you understand tick each box and then select "Save."

If you have any uncertainty about any of the points, contact support for clarification BEFORE submitting the port.

Your port request has now been updated. The box below will now appear. Click on "More" then scroll to the bottom of the box to find the "Actions" button. This will give you a dropdown menu to submit, edit or delete your port request.

Once the port request has been confirmed, click "More" and "Actions" again if you wish to cancel the port request. If any changes need to occur, please get in contact with the Conversant support team.

Number Porting with Conversant