17. Call History


#Hangup Cause

The hangup cause refers to the action taken to end the specific leg of the call. Differing causes are as below:

  • NORMAL_CLEARING - A call that is answered and then hung-up.
  • LOSE_RACE - Users who are rung within the same ring group but someone else within the ring group answers the call.
  • ATTENDED_TRANSFER - A tranfer where the other party is spoken to. Note that this will only show if the transfer is completed.
  • BLIND_TRANSFER - A transfer where the other party is not spoken to.
  • RECOVERY_ON_TIMER_EXPIRE - The device is unreachable when the call has been received.
  • ORIGINATOR_CANCEL - The caller has hung-up before the call is answered.
  • USER_BUSY - The user being called is busy and has call forwarding turned off.
  • NO_ANSWER - The call is not answered and goes to voicemail.
  • PICKED_OFF - The call is answered by another user, using the call pick-up function.
  • INCOMPATIBLE_DESTINATION - The codecs set on the C-Lite portal do not match the codec set within the device itself.