15. Valet Parking



Valet Parking allows a caller to be placed in park by the system assigned parking lot number. That parking lot number can be used later to retrieve the call.

Configuring Valet Parking

  • Ensure the feature is enabled via the feature codes.
  • All codes following assume the default code has not been changed.

Parking a Caller (Valet)

  • When in an active call, press transfer and dial *4
  • Wait for the system to identify what parking spot the call is parked in and then complete the transfer.

Retrieving a Parked call

  • Dial *5 and then the parking spot number (if the parking lot number was 101 you would dial *5101
  • Wait for your call to be connected.

You can also have a personal parking spot configured, where only one code is used for parking and retrieving.