11. Hold Music



C-Lite 2.0 supports programmable Music on Hold which will play when a caller is on hold. This can be set at a device, user or account wide level.

To add music on hold, the first thing that needs to be done is the actual file you want to play.

Adding on hold music

Select Apps > Smart PBX

  • Under the dashboard tab, select "Hold Music"

  • Press "Upload" and click "Browse" to select an audio file from your computer. click the to upload your file.

  • The file will appear in the media list in the dropdown menu

Configuring Account wide Music on Hold

On hold music can be configured for the entire account. To do so:

  • Select Apps > Smart PBX

  • Under the Dashboard tab, select "Hold Music"

  • Select the music you would like to use, or alternatively you can upload your own, this accepts most audio files. The music selected will become the default hold music.

Configuring User Music on Hold

Music on hold can be configured at the user level as well.

  • Select Apps > Smart PBX > Users

  • Select "User Features" under the desired user.

  • This will bring up a selection of adjustable user features.

  • Click on the "Music-On-Hold" tab at the bottom.

This will bring up this box:

  • Click the switch that says "Disabled" to enable the on-hold music for that particular user.

  • Select the desired on-hold-music with the drop down menu.

  • Click "Save Changes"