10. Monitoring (BLF)



Presence ID

Presence ID refers to the unique number assigned to a user, which is used for the monitoring feature. To set this at a user level:

  • Select Apps > Callflows > Users
  • Select the user you want to modify
  • Select Advanced > Caller ID

In the Presence ID section enter the extension number of the user

This will now monitor all devices which are connected to this user.

Click Save

Cisco Phones

Configure each key on the console as below, where 2001 is the Presence ID and REALM is corresponding customer realm.:


Yealink Phones

Under the DSS Key section, configure as below where 1592 is the Presence ID

Monitoring allows you to tell whether other extensions are on the phone via Busy Lamp Field or BLF. Please note that the device you are using must support BLF in order to configure this.