1. Audio Conferencing



Conferencing is available with C-Lite 2.0 and is very simple to set-up. You can program conference room numbers and PIN numbers (optional) and then allow access to the conference via a callflow number.

The maximum number of participants depends on the capability of the hardware being used but typically rooms can hold between 20 and 50 people comfortably.

Set-up Conference Call

To set-up a conference call facility with direct dial capability please follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, add a callflow
  • Click on click to add number

  • Add a number or extension

  • Drag the conference option from the right hand side across to the number added

  • Select add a conference

  • Add the conference details and then select save to create the conference

  • Confirm the call flow, by clicking save changes

Creating Multiple Conference Rooms

Conferencing on C-Lite 2.0 allows for multiple separate conference rooms, which allows for multiple conferences to be occurring at once. There are two steps to creating multiple conference rooms.

Step 1 - Set-up the Conference Access Number:

  • Create a new callflow

  • In the Actions box on the right hand side, select advanced.

  • Drag the Conference Service box from the callflow

Step 2 - Add Conference Rooms

  • In the tool bar, select VoIP services > Advanced > Conferences

  • Select add conference on the left hand side

  • Add conference details. Ensure that a conference number is entered under Conference Server

  • Save the conference

Announce name when entering a conference

It is possible to have each caller name announced when they enter a conference. To have this configured for your conference service, please send an email to support.

When the announcement option is configured, the first time each user dials in they will be asked to speak their name which will then be saved against their user for future conferences as well. The first person who dials in will not be announced.