Feature Requests

Started Features within this category have been selected for development and are being actively worked on. Check back regularly for progress updates.
Planned Features within this category are planned for development. Check back regularly for progress updates.
Under Review Features which are sufficiently fleshed out to be developed will be moved into this category by a staff member. Think of these as future features, comment on or like a topic to indicate your support and increase the priority.

About the Feature Requests category [Feature Requests] (1)
Enable toggling of push notifications [Feature Requests] (1)
Show read status on messages [Feature Requests] (1)
Integrate with Zendesk [Feature Requests] (1)
Have more intuitive Callflow click & drag support within Smart PBX [Feature Requests] (1)
View my call expenses by destination and type [Planned] (1)
Can we get totals added to the reports for call duration and price? [Planned] (1)
Integrate with Salesforce.com [Planned] (2)
Allow hourly reports to be run over a longer period than one day [Planned] (2)
Caller ID lookup from Google Contacts [Started] (2)
Automatically load public holidays in time conditions [Started] (2)
I would love to see my invoice auto sent to my Xero account [Under Review] (2)
Change the invoice layout to reflect the initial estimate [Under Review] (2)
Show me the total outstanding as well as current invoice total [Under Review] (1)
Add voice recognition IVR [Under Review] (1)
Email me when phones drop off [Under Review] (2)
Create a way to group users logically within the UI [Under Review] (1)
Enable forwarding voice mail messages from one user to another [Under Review] (2)
Call Log Reporting [Feature Requests] (1)
Invoices: show the account name [Under Review] (1)
Conversant invoices show the conversant account code and not the given account name [Feature Requests] (1)
Create the ability to run reports automatically on a schedule [Under Review] (1)
Call Back Feature [Feature Requests] (1)
Publish Tech Specs [Feature Requests] (1)
Send a text message to notify new voicemail [Feature Requests] (1)