Logging in to Hero



When you first log in to Hero, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

To log in, enter you email into the email field. This will be the email your administrator used to create your account. They should also have supplied you with a password, which you can enter in the password field.
The field labelled "Account Name" is where you will need to enter the name of your company's Monster account.
Once all three fields have been filled, you can click the Log in button to start using Hero.


Account Name is required. This is likely the name of the company you signed up as.

You will need to enter the correct account name in the Account Name field. If you don't know the account name, you may be able to ask your administrator.

Incorrect email/password. Warning, fields are case sensitive.

Make sure you spelled the Account Name correctly. If that is right, check the email you're logging in with is the same as the email you were signed up with. If you've forgotten in password, contact support to request a new password.

Request failed due to lack of Internet access.

You are not connected to the Internet or Hero can't communicate with the servers. If you are connected to the internet, contact support.