How to Configure SIPTAPI



SIPTAPI will allow you to enable calls from any TAPI application.

To get started, first download and install the SIPTAPI program here. Unzip the file and read the install instructions to install the program.

Configure SIPTAPI with Conversant

On the computer, click on Control Panel and then Phone and Modem

The dialing rules should appear:

If no dialing rule is automatically configured, configure a relevant dialing rule

Click on the advanced tab:

Click Add. The Add Provider screen appears:

Choose SIPTAPI and the select Add
SIPTAPI should now appear in the list of providers:

Highlight SIPTAPI and then click configure.
The SIPTAPI configuration screen will appear:

Enter the details as below (Use a device username/password that is not linked to the user of the extension that SIPTAPI will call. e.g. If extension 2001 is owned by J Smith, don't enter details for a device owned by J Smith):

SIP Domain: realm as advised by Conversant
SIP Outbound Proxy: proxy as advised by Conversant
Username: as advised by Conversant
Password: as advised by Conversant
User's extension: the extension number to dial e.g. 2001

To test SIP TAPI is working

Download and run Linewatcher. Ensure SIPTAPI is configured i.e. you have entered username/password etc. before running Linewatcher.

  • Choose SIPTAPI in the Line drop-down
  • Enter a number to call in the Destination Number box
  • Click MakeCall

The extension that you have entered in the SIPTAPI config should ring and then place a call to the destination number. Linewatcher should show the following (in order):

  • IDLE

If the local device doesn't ring and you see "ATTENDED_TRANSFER_ERROR" in the logs then it probably means that the username/password is associated with the user the system is trying to call.

Outlook click to call