How to Add a User



To add a user first Navigate to Smart PBX then Users
Select Add User
Enter the Name, email and Password details
Enter the extension number that the user can be called on. We recommend entering a 4 digit number.
Optionally select send credentials to this user to email the username details to the user.
Select Create User.
If an error message is received it may be necessary to purchase additional licences. Refer to the "how to update subscriptions" video for information on how to do that.
Once the user is created select the user to make any necessary configuration changes
Select the phone numbers column to add a phone number. Spare numbers can be selected from the list. If a new phone number is required that can be purchased through the Numbers function. Refer to the "how to add phone numbers" video for information on how to do that.
Select the devices column to add devices. Spare devices can be selected from the list. If a new device is required then select New Device and enter the appropriate details.
Select the user features column to configure the behaviour for the new user.
Choose Voicemails to enable or disable a voicemail box for the user. If voicemail is enabled then if the user is busy or doesn't answer the phone the caller will be prompted to leave a voicemail message. Also choose whether voicemail messages should be deleted from the system once the email has been sent.
Choose Find me, Follow me to configure how inbound calls are sent to the user's devices. The time that each device is rung and the order may be selected. For example it is possible to ring a user's deskphone for 20 seconds and then the user's mobile phone