Hero Chat



You can use Hero to chat with anyone in your team. Hero supports one on one chats, group chats and sending attachments.

Getting Started

To start using chat, simply select the chat category on the sidebar on desktop and tablet or navigate to chat on the top bar on mobile. There, you can press the button (desktop) or the button (mobile) to start a new conversation.

Group Chats

You can easily create group chats by either adding people to a current conversation or selecting multiple participants when creating a new message.
To add participants to an existing chat, simply press inside any chat.


Hero supports sending video, audio and image attachments.
To send an image, select . Hero currently accepts JPG and PNG files.
To send a video, select . You may be prompted to allow your phone or browser to record video and audio.
To send a voice message, select and record your message.
On desktop and tablet, you will also be able to view all attachments in the conversation through the button.