Can I send faxes?
Faxes can be sent via C-Fax, a fax via email facility. To send a fax to {Number}@fax.voyager.nz with a pdf or tiff attachment of the document to send. We’ll deliver it as a fax. For example to send a fax to 091234567, send the email to 091234567@fax.voyager.nz. For international numbers, enter the number as if you were dialling it from a New Zealand phone. e.g.0061212345678@fax.voyager.nz.

Can I receive faxes?
We can deliver faxes as PDF documents to an email address nominated by you. If you would like faxes to be sent to multiple email addresses, you will need to set up a distribution email address.

Can I send a broadcast fax?
Yes. Just send the email to us with all the recipients listed in the To: address of the email.

My outbound fax sent via email is failing
In most cases this will be due to interpretation issues with the pdf attachment. To ensure the best possible chances of transmission

  • Create the pdf in portrait, not landscape
  • Ensure the pdf is in black and white, not colour
  • Ensure there are no other attachments with the email and that the message body of the email is blank.
  • Delete any email signatures.

If the fax is still failing, try creating the document as a series of single-page pdf documents and sending each individually.

Fax to email vs traditional fax
When a traditional fax is sent, the receiving fax communicates directly with the sending fax, and acknowledges the receipt of the fax. That means that the sender knows the fax has been successfully delivered to the receiving fax.

Our fax to email service is email based which means it is a store-and-forward type service. The transmitting fax will receive confirmation that the fax has been received by the Conversant fax service, which will then be sent by email as a separate process. The email process can be subject to delays on either the sending (Conversant) or receiving (customer) side. If guaranteed delivery and time is of the essence with your fax communications then we recommend you continue to use a traditional fax.