Call Log Extract Technical Documentation



The fields are

  • calldate: date and time of the call
  • clid: the number and name of the caller
  • src: the number of the caller


  • dcontext: the context in which the call ends up – it is a system-specific thing that doesn’t have much meaning to humans. The values in that field can be many things such as ext-local: a user’s extension ext-group: a ring group
  • lastapp: the system application that was last used by the call
  • duration: the length of the call
  • disposition: how the call ended

By looking at the last app and disposition it's possible to determine what happened to a call. For example:

  • Voicemail NO ANSWER: This call went to voicemail eventually after not being answered
  • Voicemail BUSY: This call went to voicemail eventually but at least one phone was busy before it went there
  • Voicemail ANSWERED: An internal call from one extension to another and the call ended at voicemail.

Note that for one call there may be multiple entries in the log for example where a call goes to a queue or a ring group.