C-Force Softphone



Conversant C-Force is an easy to use phone that is completely integrated into Salesforce and leverages the power of the Conversant cloud phone system. Get up and running in minutes with just a browser.

To use the phone, navigate to your Salesforce home page.
Accept the broswer notifications and then log in using your Conversant credentials.
The Salesforce contacts will load in the C-Force panel. Allow the browser to access your microphone.
To make an outbound call, click the relevant icon to call the contact's landline or cellphone. Enter a name in the search textbox to limit the list.
The calling icon will appear. Once the call is answered the icons change and the active call window appears. The call can be muted or transferred.
There are three options for logging a call, task, case or case and task.
If task is selected, a call log can be entered against the looked-up Salesforce contact or against any other Salesforce contact. You can optionally associate the call log with a case, opportunity or contract. Once saved the call log is visible in the Activity History against the contact in Salesforce and is recorded as a call task. The call duration is visible and automatically populated by C-Force.
If case is selected, a new case will be created with the entered subject and description.
If case and task is selected, a new case will be created and a call log will also be created against that case. Once saved the call log is visible in the Activity History against the case in Salesforce and is recorded as a call task.
C-Force allows a call to be dialed using the keypad and the details will be looked up from the Salesforce contacts.
Incoming calls will look up the contact based on the callerid. Intelligent number lookup will try to find a contact even if the number is not entered in the exact same format. The call can be answered and the call log can be entered.

If you prefer to use a hardware phone for making and receiving calls that's possible as well. Choose Click to Dial as the Provider and select which extension to call. Also set Enable Arbitrary Logging to true. Now when you click on a contact it will initiate an outbound call by calling your deskphone and then the selected contact. The active call window will appear automatically and you can log the call as normal. For incoming calls, the Log call button can be selected. Choose the contact or create a new one and then log the call as normal.

C-Force combines the power of Salesforce with an easy to use computer telephony integration. Visit www.conversanthq.com for more.