6. Users - Adding, Deleting, Editing



While you can manage users from within the callflows, often it is easier and more useful to manage them from outside of callflows.

In order to add new users you need to have sufficient account plans. Please refer to the account plans documentation Account Plans to discover how to add new plans to your account.

Adding a User

You can create new users in the Smart PBX.

  • Select Apps > Users

  • Select the "Add User" tab

  • Enter all details for the user

Editing a User

  • To manage users from outside of callflows, enter the Users section.

  • Apps > SmartPBX > Users

  • Click on the user's tab to edit and load their edit screen

* Edit the users properties that you need changed. More fields can be found under the advanced tab, however we do not recommend changing these from the default properties.

Save the changes you made.

Deleting a User

To delete a user, simply click on the name tab to edit the user then at the bottom, you will see a "Delete User" tab. You can only do this to other users other than the admin.

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