3. Adding Devices



Add a Device

To add a device, click on the add device button in the device section of Smart PBX. Navigate to Apps > Smart PBX > Devices > Add a Device

Type of Device

The types of devices which can be configured are as below:

SIP Phone

SIP phones are hardware phones that can be used to make and receive calls. We recommend, support and can automatically provision Cisco, Polycom or Yealink phones. Click Add Device then select the brand you have.

Based on the brand selected, the available devices will be shown - choose the appropriate model.

To set-up the device for the particular user, enter a name for the device, enter the MAC address, choose the user to assign and save it.

Smart Phones

Select Smartphone from the list, enter the details and click save.

WIFI calling is a full set of SIP credentials, which allows your smartphone to connect to C-Lite 2.0 as if it were a VoIP phone rather than a standard cellphone.


Landlines function the same way in C-Lite 2.0 as a cellphone does.


Softphones allow for third party software calling applications on a computer to be utilised. For use with C-Lite 2.0, we would recommend Bria as a paid client but there are many free softphones available as well. You must specify at least the Username and Password.


If you are wanting to call a SIP end-point directly, this is also possible by completing the settings below: